Where we walk

Choosing where we walk is an important decision. Each year we compile an annual walk
calendar with locations and activities chosen by our experienced walk leaders. Our
calendar includes various activities which include:

  • Day Walks of 10 to 15km in length
  • Car Camps of 2 to 4 day duration comprising several day walks and social activities
  • Back Packing of several days duration
  • Tag-along-Tours of up to 2 weeks into the more remote areas of the State

We walk in National Parks; Forest Reserves and Private Land often on Heritage and
established trails.

We use the recognised australian track grading system

Grade onewalk length < 5km

Marked, flat, even surfaces with no steps or steep sections.

Grade twowalk length < 10km

Little bushwalking experience required. On marked, hardened track surfaces
with gentle grades and occasional steps.

Grade threewalk length < 20km

Some Bushwalking Experience recommended. Route may not be marked.
Level of fitness required. Short steep sections and creek crossings may be

Grade fourwalk length - various

Bushwalking experienced required. Tracks may be un marked, rough, steep
and long. Walk Length may very depending on many factors.

Grade fivewalk length - various

Specialise bushwalking skills required emphasising navigation, first aid and
mental toughness. Extreme extension of Grade 4 walks.

Our walk events are in generally in Grades 2 to 4

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