On Friday we completed a large circuit of the dunes, climbing to one of the highest peaks from which we were able to look back at Yeagerup Lake nestling in a forest of Marri, Karri and Peppermint trees some 2kms to the east. One wonders how long it will take for the relentless march of the massive dunes to overrun the lake and forest. A small hummock at the top was chosen as a likely spot to return to later to watch the moon rise over the spectacularly white dunes and also to see the sun set in the west.

The evening was clear and although the moon had risen early at 4.40pm it was still bright enough to light up the dunes along with the last rays of the setting sun. We sat down with our drinks and nibbles to again wonder at the special display on hand as the sun set and the moon rose. Saturday dawned bright and clear and we set off along a bush track threading its way through some of the best Marri Forest we have seen with the occasional giant Karri. Birds abounded in the canopies and a Kangaroo Doe and her Joey paused in the track to observe our progress

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