The Xanthorrea Trail in the Lane Poole Reserve, commences just north of Nanga Brook close to the point where the brook enters the Murray River.

The walk starts at the carpark near Island Pool and slowly climbs through stands of Grasstrees, Jarrah, Marri, Zamia Palms and Snotty Gobble Trees to reach an old logging camp before it turns southward and follows the ridge line for several kilometres. Whilst the trail traverses some of the highest points in the Darling Range there are no extensive views because of the height of the surrounding tree line and density of the foliage.

We walked along old logging tracks and rail formations winding our way around in a loop, pausing for morning tea in close proximity to an old quarry which had been mined for fine gravel aggregate. From there we followed on for a few kilometres to a track junction. We took the track heading north and soon encountered a shady gully where we stopped for lunch. After the customary minute of silence to take in the ambience of the setting we completed the loop trail and then descended back along the original track to the car park trail head having covered 11 kms in the day.

Interestingly enough, we were very close to the site, where lighting struck the tree that started the fire that engulfed Yarloop. It was incredible to think that the fire was so intense to have travelled so far out of control.

At journeys end we rested in a picturesque spot alongside the Murray River just where a series of rapids enter the tranquil Island Pool. Once again we enjoyed a sumptuous afternoon tea before setting off home feeling well satisfied after another great day of walking in the bush.

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