Sunday dawned bright and clear and set the scene for a perfect bushwalking day.

The walk began at the top of the Mumballup Hill, south of the Mumballup Tavern.

We set off following the Bibbulmun Track southward toward the Noggerup Shelter. The route follows a high ridge separating the Preston River (North) and Preston River (South) valleys. A recent prescribed burn has altered the landscape into open woodland in which Zamia Palms; Snotty Gobble Trees and Grass Trees are re-sprouting in abundance being able to access greater sunlight. This part of the Jarrah forest was logged extensively in the past and the regenerated forest is pleasant to walk in but here and there the size of the burnt out stumps of the original jarrah that were cut down, is a sobering reminder of the magnificent forest that once stood here.

We stopped for morning tea on a granite outcrop overlooking a gully where a small waterfall would obviously cascade during the winter months. There was a steady incline from then on until we reached an old railway formation, (named Atom Road on the map) and the grade became easier. A short water stop at the Noggerup Shelter provided those, who had not been there before, time to rest and examine a typical Bibbulmun Track resting post.

We followed the track again until it intersected with an old logging road named Chalmers Road. Here we deviated from the Bibbulmun and followed the road in a westerly direction, even though it became quite overgrown, to reach an old Forestry Department Marker Tree “FD 66 3”, the blaze itself having been burnt out (See Photo). Pressing on we completed a loop in the walk to encounter the Bibbulmun Track once again, just south of the Noggerup Shelter, after having stopped in a pleasant little gully for lunch along the way.

We then retraced our steps back to where we had parked our cars for another delightful afternoon tea and relaxing chat before heading home. It was another great day of walking with the “walk meters” and “fit bits” saying we had covered 11 to 12kms.

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